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Declines at Point-of-Sale Terminals - UPDATE

JANUARY 17, 2020 UPDATE: A software fix is currently being rolled out to affected merchant terminals. Some terminals may already be updated. However, as the process continues, cardholders may still continue to encounter terminals that have not been updated yet.  Please keep in mind to use tap at these affected terminals or have cash on hand.  We appreciate your patience and will continue to provide updates when available. 

JANUARY 7, 2020: The issue surrounding chip and pin transactions on debit cards issued in 2019 is ongoing. It is important to note that this is affecting debit cards from a large number of financial institutions – it is not only credit union cards.
The issue is with merchant point-of-sale terminals that require an update, not your debit card. There is no need to order a new debit card or re-pin your current debit card.
Your debit card will work as usual at ATMs and most merchant terminals. If you encounter problems using your 2019 chip card at a merchant terminal, here are a few suggestions:
  • Use the tap feature on your card
  • Some members have reported pushing OK when they receive the error messages. For some, this bypasses the error message and allows the transaction to proceed.
  • Ensure you have cash on hand by taking out cash at an ATM
If you do you receive unexpected card declines at a point-of-sale terminal, encourage the merchant to contact their Merchant Network Service Provider to update their software.
If you are a merchant experiencing this, contact your Merchant Network Service Provider to update your software.
We'll provide another update when we know more. Thank you for your patience!

DNCU Member Survey Winners

In November, we asked for your opinion.  Today, we thank everyone who provided their opinions through our 2019 Member Survey.  Whether you provided your opinion via an in-branch paper survey or via our online survey, we truly appreciate the time you took to provide us with the valuable insight into the our members' thoughts on Diamond North Credit Union.

As a thank you for taking the Member Survey, two awards of $500 each were up for grabs.  Congratulations to Rebecca Funk of our Carrot River branch and to Brenda Smith of our Big River branch! These members' names were drawn and they each walked away with a cash prize of $500 for taking the 2019 Member Survey!

Thank you again to all members who participated in the 2019 Member Survey!

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