Void Cheque Form

Void Cheque Form

Need a void cheque form but don't have a cheque?  Use our Void Cheque Form to set up direct deposits (such as payroll) or pre-authorized payments (such as payments to Sasktel). Download the Void Cheque Form, complete the details and return it the businesses that you are dealing with.

Our Credit Union Details:

Route number: you can find this 5 digit number below.  Find your branch's name and click the arrow to the right to find your route/branch number. 

Credit Union Account number:
you can find your credit union account number on your statement (paper or electronic). To confirm your correct account number:

  • login to online banking. 
  • Select View e-Statements from the menu on the left side of the page. 
  • Click on the date of the most recent month, then click open. 
  • The 12-digit account number required for direct deposits and pre-authorized payments is found after the name of each account (for example 100001234567). The account number is written without dashes or spaces.  You'll want to record your chequing or maximizer account number on the void cheque form, as pre-authorized payments are only allowed from these type of accounts.
  • If you’re not sure, just give us a call.

Albertville Expand/Collapse

1 Unity Street
PO Box 99
Albertville, SK
S0J 0A0

P: 306-929-4714
F: 306-929-2123

Route: 10298

Arborfield Expand/Collapse

108 Main Street
PO Box 265
Arborfield, SK
S0E 0A0

P: 306-769-8581
F: 306-769-4114

Route: 10058

Big River Expand/Collapse

101 4th Avenue
PO Box 147
Big River, SK
S0J 0E0

P: 306-469-4944
F: 306-429-4943

Route: 60608

Carrot River Expand/Collapse

10 Main Street
PO Box 639
Carrot River, SK
S0E 0L0

P: 306-768-2703
F: 306-768-3113

Route: 30478

Choiceland Expand/Collapse

100 Railway Avenue West
PO Box 39
Choiceland, SK
S0J 0M0

P: 306-428-2152
F: 306-428-2244

Route: 70508

Debden Expand/Collapse

324 Main Street
PO Box 100
Debden, SK
S0J 0S0

P: 306-724-8370
F: 306-724-2129

Route: 60608

Nipawin Expand/Collapse

100 1st Avenue West
PO Box 2074
Nipawin, SK
S0E 1E0

P: 306-862-4651
F: 306-862-9611 (Deposit)
F: 306-862-2370 (Loans)

Route: 41848

Prince Albert Expand/Collapse

200A 28th Street West
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 4S9

P: 306-922-8252
F: 306-764-2345

Route: 94128

White Fox Expand/Collapse

125 Railway Avenue
PO Box 310
White Fox, SK
S0J 3B0

P: 306-276-2142
F: 306-276-2595

Route: 53108

Zenon Park Expand/Collapse

735 Main Street
PO Box 160
Zenon Park, SK
S0E 1W0

P: 306-767-2434
F: 306-767-2224

Route: 50328