Service Commitment

What Consumers Can Expect

Commitment - There will be commitment at all levels of the organization to the fair and effective resolution of complaints

Accessibility - The complaint handling process will be easy to access, understand and use

Responsiveness - The complaint handling process will be responsive and provide complainants with final responses within a reasonable period of time

Fairness - The complaint handling process will provide fair treatment and ensure complaints are reviewed in a fair and balanced manner.

What Is Our Commitment to You?

Developing and fostering long-term relationships is the foundation of our commitment to service.  The credit union and our employees have always been committed to delivering a high quality of service to members and non-member customers.  Our Market Code builds on this commitment by identifying the standards we embrace as an organization, the way we conduct ourselves and how we will continue to treat you as we work to maintain your trust, while living out our co-operatives values.

Naturally, we hope you are happy with the service we provide.  However, we know that things can sometimes go wrong.  As part of the Market Code, we have implemented a formal complaint handling process to deal with these situations.  If you have a concern or a complaint about the service we provide or the product lines we offer, we want to hear from you.  If we get things wrong – it is important that you tell us so we can try to make matters right.  This also helps us to improve our service in the future.

How Can You Contact Us?

Please let us know if you have any questions, complaints or concerns about your dealings with the credit union.  While most questions can be answered by the credit union staff, for complaints and concerns, it is preferable to follow the Problem Resolution process.