Board Elections Results

As a co-operative organization, our Board of Directors is elected from our member owners.  This also means that our Board of Directors are local people from the regions we serve.  How our directors are elected is contained in our credit union bylaws approved by our membership.  These are the same bylaws that were approved last November by the membership calling for directors to be elected “at large” and that any member that met the qualifications of a director could run for the Board this year regardless of which branch or community they were from.

This year, four directors terms expired, namely: Shawna Kozun, Rick Lindsay, Leslee Serack and Darryl Sande.  Up for election were four director positions, 3-3 year term positions and 1-1 year term position.  We had seven candidates running for the board.  Member voting took place for five business days in all eight branch locations from March 15th to March 21st.  Candidates elected for the 3 year term positions were: Shawna Kozun, Leslee Serack and Kent Nickel.  Elected for the 1 year position was Marcel Head.

Congratulations to Marcel Head and Kent Nickel.  Find out more about our board here.