2018 Annual General Meeting

Board of Directors

2018 Director Nominations

Diamond North Credit Union is a locally owned and controlled financial organization founded on co-operative principles and lead by a Board of Directors elected by its members. Through branches in Albertville, Arborfield, Carrot River, Choiceland, Nipawin, Prince Albert, White Fox and Zenon Park we provide financial services to more than 15,000 members and non-members.

With an emphasis on outward vision, diversity in viewpoints, strategic leadership and collective decision making our Board of Directors is accountable for governing, leading and nurturing the long term strategic direction of our Credit Union to create and maintain value for our members and the communities in which we do business.

Our board is comprised of nine (9) director positions; each elected to serve a three (3) year term.  In 2018 four (4) director terms expire and nominations close on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

Our Elections Committee, charged with overseeing the democratic selection of directors, is seeking individuals interested in joining our Board.  Individuals who want to make a difference in the future of their credit union.

If interested, please contact one of our Elections Committee members listed below or our CEO:

Roger Kirk                      306-862-5914

Leslee Serack                  306-862-9721

Maurice Lalonde             306-767-2269

John Shenher, CEO         306-862-0700

Kent Nickel                    306-862-1697

John Thompson              306-764-4167