Additional Services

We offer many services for personal business, as well as small and large businesses including a night depository, foreign exchange services, safety deposit boxes, and much more!  Applicable charges per product and/or service apply.

Foreign Exchange

Diamond North Credit Union accepts US cash & cheques for deposit.

If you require foreign currency please contact your branch to place an order 2 – 3 weeks prior to your departure.

There is a cost of $5.00 per currency ordered.

Foreign Exchange Rates

Safety Deposit Boxes

  • Confidentiality of contents (such as jewellery, legal documents, passports, collectibles, or even personal irreplaceable gifts and heirlooms)
  • Secure storage of valuables at a competitive annual rental charge.
  • Below is a list of sizes and prices for our safety deposit boxes.

     1.5"  x  5"  $30.00 plus GST
     2.5"  x  5"  $40.00 plus GST   
     2.5"  x  10"  $50.00 plus GST
     5"  x  5"  $50.00 plus GST
     5"  x  10"  $75.00 plus GST

Note: Package accounts receive a discount on Safety Deposit Box pricing.

(not all box sizes are available at each branch)


Night Depository

  • Secure one-way access deposit bin — for members to safely deposit cash or cheque items, 24 hours a day, without having to enter the branch.
  • Items are held in a fire proof vault until removed and processed under dual-custody the next business day.
  • Free Service provided to business and non-business accounts
  • Free Deposit bags (cloth or disposable) for business accounts available

Note: this service available at most branch locations.


Bank Drafts

  • Convenient and secure method of making payment, particularly if funds are to be mailed.
  • Bank drafts are easily cashed by the payee with proper identification
  • Available in Canadian, U.S. and other international currencies

Certified Cheques

This form of cheque guarantees funds to the payee named on the cheque.


Personalized Cheques

Essential products to help your business run smoothly and effectively.

Besides the basic styles, cheques are also available for computer software applications, for payroll purposes or custom designed in laser and continuous format.

  • Secure products incorporate industry leading security measures
  • Cheques are fully compliant with image based clearing systems
  • Telephone based support service provided to businesses to assist with business issues, identity theft protection and restoration.


Want more information on any of these services? Contact your branch.