Card Services

Just the Right Card for You!

With our wide range of card options, we have just the right card to fit your lifestyle - whether you are shopping for everyday needs, traveling and booking flights, a student, or purchasing supplies for your business. Plus, with the CHOICE REWARDS™ program, you receive points which are redeemable for free travel, brand-name merchandise, and even cash back!

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    View the features of our cards and our one of a kind CHOICE REWARDS™  points program.


    Lost or Stolen Card?

    Please call 1-800-LOST-111 or 1-800-567-8111 to report your missing or stolen card.


    Travelling? Let Us Know

    Are you planning on travelling soon?  Whether it's for a three day ski trip to the mountains, or a month-long vacation to the south, let us know before you go.  Advising us of your travel plans before leaving will ensure that you have uninterrupted access to your money while you are away. 

    Letting us know when and where you will be travelling aids in extra security for you and your money.  All accounts are monitored for suspicious or unusual card activity.  Without notifying us of your travels, transactions for high amounts, out of the country, or more frequently than usual can result in your card being blocked for security purposes, until we can contact you.  Contacting your branch of Diamond North Credit Union and Mastercard will avoid any disruptions to your card use while you are away from your normal business area. 

    When you call, please let us know what country and/or US states you will be travelling to, when you leave and when you will return.  We'll take care of everything else. 

    If you have a MemberCard Debit Card, and/or a Global Payment Mastercard, please call your branch of Diamond North Credit Union. 

    If you have a Mastercard Credit Card, please call 1-800-561-7849 (the number on the back of your card). 

    Safe Travels!


    Travelling with Mastercards:

    When planning trips outside Canada, please be advised that, due to international political situations, transactions made with a credit union Mastercard credit card or a Global Payment Mastercard will be declined in the following countries:

    • Iran
    • CAR (Central Africa)
    • Myanmar (Burma)
    • North Korea
    • Sudan
    • Syria

    There are other countries where your card may not function properly.  Providing Diamond North Credit Union and Mastercard with your travel details will ensure continued and uninterrupted access to your funds.