Link Your Card to Online Banking

As of June 3, 2020 you can view your personal Diamond North Credit Union Mastercard® account details within online banking by linking your account. Once you link your credit card account, you will be able to view the current card balance, transaction history and access MyCardInfo without entering a username or password.

How to link your Mastercard to DNCU Online Banking:

  • Log in to your online banking account.
  • The account summary page will show a section called ‘Collabria Cards’. Click the ‘Link Accounts’ link under this section.
  • Click on the ‘Collabria Card’ link listed under the ‘Link a Credit Card’ section.
  • The Add/Remove Collabria card page will be displayed. Click ‘Link a Credit Card’ button.
  • The Collabria Terms and Conditions page will be displayed. Select “I Agree” if you agree with the terms and conditions.
  • The Link Collabria Card page will be displayed. Fill out your card number and CVV and click ‘Link Card’. You may be prompted to also fill out your date of birth (DOB).
  • The Receipt page will be displayed if you have successfully linked your account. You can now access your credit card account details on your online banking account summary page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get to the MyCardInfo site from within Online Banking? Expand/Collapse

Yes, this is a very convenient feature since you will have one-click log-in to MyCardInfo directly from within DNCU Online Banking.

This will help with additional card management tasks such as tracking reward points and getting more detail on transactions.

There is a web link to access MyCardInfo for each Mastercard that you have linked.

The first time you click this link you will be asked to register your email address and accept Collabria’s email privacy policy.

You will then be taken to MyCardInfo. (If you haven’t enrolled your Mastercard in Collabria’s MyCardInfo site, you can do so here.)

Can I sort my credit card transactions? Expand/Collapse

Yes, you have a range of sorting options.

You can choose to view transactions by a specific month or define a date range.

By clicking on any of the transaction column headers, you can sort the data in the way the works best for you:

    • Effective Date (when you incurred the charge),
    • Posted Date (when the merchant processed the charge),
    • Description,
    • Debit amount or
    • Credit amount.

I have several Diamond North Mastercards. Can I link multiple credit cards to Online Banking? Expand/Collapse

You can link multiple cards as long as you are the primary cardholder of each.

Once you have linked the first one, simply go back to:
Account Services > Manage Partner Accounts
and follow the steps to add additional cards.

Once linked, all your credit card accounts will display within your Online Banking Account Summary.

Can I link my Business Mastercard to Business Online Banking? Expand/Collapse

Credit card integration is not currently supported within Business Online Banking (where you log in using your Business Access Card).

However, you can link a Business credit card to your personal Online Banking if the card is in your name, not the company’s.

I have supplementary (secondary) cardholders attached to my Mastercard. What transaction data can they see, if any? Expand/Collapse

Only the primary credit card account holder can link a credit card and will see all transaction data pertaining to both the primary and any supplemental cards.

Supplementary cardholders cannot see any balance or transaction data within DNCU Online Banking.

They can, however, continue to view account information within MyCardInfo separately.

If supplementary cardholders attempt to create a Collabria sign-in for a supplementary card, they will receive an error message.

Can I see my credit card information through the Mobile Banking App or Mobile Web browser-based Online Banking? Expand/Collapse

At this time you can only see your linked credit card account information through Online Banking on your desktop or tablet via the full website.

Can I download my credit card transaction data from Online Banking into my accounting software or into Excel format in the same way I can for my banking transactions? Expand/Collapse

Your credit card information is “view only” within Online Banking.

You’ll need to visit Collabria’s MyCardInfo site and log in there to download your transactional data in other formats.
(e.g., Excel, Microsoft Money, comma delimited, .csv).