Lock N Block

What is Lock'N'Block?

Lock'N'Block® is a service that lets you "lock" your Interac Flash debit card to "block" unauthorized or unwanted use through your mobile app or online banking.

  • Lock your debit card
  • Block ATM transactions
  • Block purchases and refunds
  • Block all international transactions
...24/7 all through online banking or your mobile app!

Why Use Lock'N'Block®?

  • It's convenient - you no longer need to call your branch if you've lost your Member Card debit card.  Of course, we're happy to help if you prefer to talk.
  • It's accessible - you can lock or unlock your debit cards, 24/7, day or night.
  • It's flexible - choose to block ATM transactions only, block point of sale transactions only, block international transactions only or lock your Member Card entirely
  • It gives you peace of mind - knowing that you have control of your Member Card debit card and that your financial information is protected, even if it is lost or stolen.

Accessing Lock'N'Block®

To access Lock'N'Block® through online banking;
  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Click Account Services
  3. Click Lock'N'Block®
To access Lock'N'Block® through your mobile app:
  1. Log in to your mobile app
  2. Tap the Lock'N'Block icon
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