In this time where COVID-19 is affecting every day life, protect yourself by signing up for alerts.  

Alerts are notifications of activity that occurs in your online banking.  They add to the convenience and security of your online banking experience. They also:
  • provide extra protection and convenience to your online banking;
  • notify you of changes that occur in your account;
  • can be received by email, text message or both;
  • allow you to identify and report potential fraudulent activity as soon as it happens.

Alert Options

  1. Online Login -  This is the most important alert to enable. This alert informs you every time your account is logged in to. If unauthorized access has been gained, you will be notified immediately that someone else has logged into your account. If you receive an alert but did not log into your online banking, this may be a sign of fraudulent activity.
  2. New Payee Added - This alert informs you if a new bill payment vendor has been added to your account.
  3. Personal Access Code (PAC) Changed - This alert informs you if you or someone else has changed your PAC.
  4. Online Banking Locked Out - Incorrect response to Security Question - This alert informs you that your account is locked after you, or some unauthorized person, have tried unsuccessfully to log in 3 times. Contact us to have your online banking unlocked
  5. INTERAC e-Transfer recipient added - This alert informs you when an INTERAC e-Transfer recipient has been added to your online banking.
You can choose to receive any or all of these alerts - through an email, text message or both. Alerts add another layer of security to your online banking.

Set up alerts through MemberDirect Online Banking

Set up Alerts through your DNCU app by downloading the Diamond North Credit Union App from your app store. Log in and select Alerts from the homepage or page two (dependent on your device). You will be led through the set up process next.  

If you have any questions, please contact your branch.