Enhanced PACs

At Diamond North Credit Union Credit Union, we want to ensure that your Online and Mobile Banking experience is as safe as possible. This means proactively finding ways to protect your information while providing you the best banking technology available. Our latest enhancement to your banking security is designed to give you more flexibility in choosing a stronger and more robust Personal Access Code (PAC) to keep your accounts safe.

Beginning May 2019, as soon as you log in to Online Banking or our Mobile App, you will be prompted to change your PAC to a stronger PAC that has these minimum requirements:

  • At least 8 characters minimum and up to 30 characters maximum
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one number
  • No spaces
  • You can use the following special characters @ # $ - ! |
The last 10 passwords you have used cannot be used again.

Why do I have to change? Expand/Collapse

As more of our members take advantage of the convenience of online and app banking, we want to provide them the peace of mind that their account information is safe and protected. We continue to invest strongly in information security to prevent unauthorized access to member information, and we want to cooperate with our members in giving them the same opportunity to keep their information safe.

Why am I locked out of the app after updating to enhanced PAC? Expand/Collapse

You likely have Quickview enabled on the mobile app. This feature stores the PAC on the backend of all devices the member has ever had, allowing the app to retrieve balances and display them without the user having to log in.

Each time the app is opened and balances displayed, it’s logging in with the previously stored PAC, which is now incorrect. This will eventually lock the user out.

To correct this, log in to online banking on desktop, navigate to Account Services > Mobile Banking App and remove all registered devices. If you require additional support, please contact us.

Additional Information for MemberDirect Small Business Users Expand/Collapse

If you are the signer for a small business account with delegates, there are some extra steps to take once enhanced PAC is implemented.

If you have delegates, the status of each delegate needs to be updated. Delegates will be unable to log in until you change their status.

  1. In Online Banking, go to Business Services - Add/Modify Delegates.
  2. Select Edit next to the Delegate you need to update.
  3. Change the Delegate status from Inactive to Active.
Delegates can continue to use their existing passwords without upgrading to the enhanced password option however we recommend all members use a stronger password.

When are delegates required to change their PAC? Once enhanced PAC is implemented, signers need to change PACs on their next log in; they must then change their delegates' status to active.  Delegates are not required to change their PACs but we do recommend that they upgrade PACs to be more secure and include the enhanced PAC requirements of 8-30 alphanumeric characters.

Does the delegate have to wait for the authorized signor to change/update their PAC?  Yes. Delegates will need to be reactivated by the signor once they have updated to an enhanced PAC.

Can a delegate login to Online Banking Small Business prior to the signer re-activating them?  No. Signers must complete their upgrade to an enhanced PAC and reactivate Delegates.

Will consolidated accounts display once the new enhanced PAC is created?  No.  A new enhanced PAC is required for both Personal and Business. Signers will need to ensure this has been completed on both Business and Personal profiles before consolidated accounts can be viewed.

Additional Information for Consolidated Accounts Expand/Collapse

After your password is changed on all accounts, reconnect the accounts by updating the Personal Access Code link. You won't be able to see all of your accounts until they are re-linked. Log in to each account and enter a stronger password in each one.

  1. In Online Banking, go to Business Services - Manage Consolidated Accounts.
  2. Select the Update PAC link next to the Login ID you need to update.
  3. Enter your new stronger password.
After this stronger password has been entered, your consolidated accounts should now appear.


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