Do you feel like you are always loosing your paper statement? Are you tired of all that paper crowding up your mail box?  Do you even open up that paper statement?
Would you rather just check your accounts online? 
If so, e-Statements are the thing for you!

With Diamond North Credit Union’s option of e-Statements, you can see that exact same statement that comes in your mail, online.  e-Statements are available all the way back to November of 2010; they are an easy, economical way to keep track of your statements, safely and securely.  Receiving e-Statements is free but access to MemberDirect Online Banking is required.

Save time, effort and make your life easier today!

Sign Up for e-Statements

Signing up for e-Statements is easy!  Once you sign up for e-Statements, you will no longer receive a paper statement, but will have access to your e-Statement online.

To sign up online, log in to online banking, click Statement Preferences from the right hand menu, select "e-Statements Only"and follow the remaining steps. 

To sign up in branch, without logging in to online banking, print off this form and bring it to your branch of Diamond North Credit Union. 

To find your e-Statement online:

  1. Login to MemberDirect Online Banking.
  2. On the left hand side of the page, under My Accounts, click the “View e-Statements” link.
  3. Click the “Click here to download your statement” link.
  4. Select the year and date of statement you would like to see.
  5. Select Open or Save in the pop up window. 
  6. Open, view, print, and save your statement as needed!

e-Statements are free of charge; all you need to do is get set up.

With e-Statements, you can still see what’s happened in your account over the past months, while reducing the amount of trees and paper needed to print those statements!  You can download and save them for future reference too.

Reducing Our Footprint

By opting out of paper statements and signing up for e-Statements you are helping to reduce the mark we leave on the environment. Each statement suppressed will save almost 2 kilograms of paper per year!

If 1000 people sign up for e-Statements, we will save:

  • 1,828 kilograms of paper
  • 4,934 litres of gas by not mailing out statements
  • 145,572 litres of wastewater from being discharged into lakes, streams, and rivers
  • 31,970 kilograms for greenhouse gases

By reducing our footprint on the environment, we are both lowering costs and investing in future generations!

Thank You for Going Green with e-Statements!