3 Year Term Deposit: 2.25%

Flexible & Secure. Now That's a Roaring Good Thing

For a limited time get a premium term deposit with the flexibility you want:

Flexible: You can choose to cash the term deposit in each year on its anniversary if you want the money sooner.

Secure: At a guaranteed rate of 2.25%, you know 100% that you’ll get the return you expected.

What to do: Meet with a Diamond North Wealth Advisor today. We can come out to meet you, talk with you on the phone or see you at one of our branches.

         Call and set up a time to meet with a Wealth Advisor.
         Email us.
       Stop by one of our branches.

As a full-service provider for all types of investments, Diamond North Credit Union is committed to offering  members great products to help your money grow in a way that works for you.

*Offer ends March 31, 2020 and may be cancelled without notice. (But our love for you as our member will never end.)