Index-Linked Investments

  • Security of a term deposit with the potential of growth in the stock market
  • Index-Linked products offer returns based on stock market index performance
  • Equity-Linked products offer returns based on the performance of individual stocks within an equity basket
  • Available as registered or non-registered
  • RRSP and TFSA eligible
  • No risk to principal investment
  • Deposits have an unlimited guarantee by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
  • No commission or management fees

If you'd like to learn more about these products, contact your branch of Diamond North Credit Union.

Check your investment's performance to date by clicking below:

NORTH AMERICAN BASKET™ Index-Linked Term Deposit

This is an equity-linked term deposit, which allows investors to profit from the success of 12 North American companies.

MARKETFLEX® Index-Linked Term Deposit

In this option, the return on investment is linked to the Canadian Stock Market.

PRAIRIES BASKET™ Equity-Linked Term Deposit

This type of investment allows you to profit from the success of companies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.