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Dealer Finance

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We are a proud participant in the CU Dealer Finance program

Some conveniences and benefits of this program include:

  • No running back and forth between us and
    the dealership.
  • Have all your information collected and paperwork
    done at the dealership while you are negotiating
    ​your purchase.
  • You get your loan at the same terms you are
    quoted at the dealership but the loan is held
    with us.
  • You have easy access to your loan in order to
    monitor the balance, apply extra payments,
    and easily make changes to your payment
    ​schedule if needed.
  • Approvals are sent directly to us electronically
    by the dealership so there is no appointment
  • Sign everything at the dealership and drive
    away in your new vehicle.
  • Within a few business days you will see your
    new loan details in your list of accounts when
    ​you login to your mobile banking.

When looking for your
next vehicle, camper,
ATV,snowmobile, or
boat to purchase, be
​sure to ask your dealer if they offer CU Dealer Finance!

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