Fraud Prevention

We are working hard to prevent fraud!

But we can’t do it alone.  Fraud prevention is everyone’s responsibility. 

Your best defense is be aware, educate yourself and use good judgement to prevent fraud.  Don’t be a victim. 

View these videos for tips and tricks on how to spot a scam and how to avoid becoming a target.

Be Scam Smart at Tax Time

Trust your gut.  Some scams are easy to spot. Some are not.

Protect your SIN

The CRA will not ask you to verify your SIN via email.

Spotting the Red Flags of an Online Scam

Learn how to protect your privacy and reduce the chances of becoming a fraud victim by recognizing the warning signs, or “red flags”, of common online scams, including telephone scams and email phishing scams.

Protecting Yourself When There are No Red Flags 

Learn about additional tips and techniques to protect your privacy, including creating alerts and notifications and the steps to take if you’ve been a victim of fraud.

Phishing and Smishing

What are they, how can you spot them and keep yourself safe?

Cyber Attacks

Protect yourself and learn more about what a cyber security attack really is.

You've been hacked!

Now what?

How to be SAFE

The four cornerstones of internet security.

PC Hygiene

How to keep your computer clean.



Knowledge is power

Read on to learn how to fight fraud and keep yourself, your family, and your money safe.

Little Black Book of Scams

How to protect yourself when banking online.

Stay Diligent!

Cyber safeguards for business owners

Report It!

Scams and cybercrimes can happen to anyone, from the young, to the old and even to people who are trained and should know better. If you have been a victim of, or want to report an instance of a scam, fraud, or cybercrime, contact your local police.

For more information reporting fraud and cybercrime visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website.

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