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Quick Loans

A quickloan is a revolving credit loan that you can use for quick access to funds, easily accessible on the app, online banking, in branch, or at the ATM. Once set up, you can simply transfer money from your quick loan into your chequing account whenever you need it. As you pay down the quick loan, you can re-advance funds without having to re-apply!

Apply once, use as needed, re-pay and re-use!

  • Flexible repayment
  • Lower interest rate than using credit cards
  • No expiry date, the quick loan stays in place for as long as you want it
  • Interest is charged monthly on the outstanding balance, so you only pay on what you use!

Personal Loan

A personal loan may be your solution for a one time expense. Purchase a new car, consolidate your debt, pay for renovations, top off your RSPs or rebuild your credit. Get the money you need with fixed monthly payments that stay the same over the term of your loan, making it easy to plan for in your monthly budget!

  • No set lending limit
  • Fixed or variable interest rate available
  • Flexible repayment schedules – weekly, bi-weekly, twice-monthly or monthly
  • Term lengths from 3 months to 5 years

Line of Credit

The ideal option for those who want easily accessible funds for unexpected expenses and cash shortages. An ongoing loan with one-time approval that is directly connected to your existing operating chequing account. Provides convenient, instant access to cash and protection from overdrawing your account with a lower interest rate than most credit cards!

  • A line of credit kicks in when your account balance drops below zero
  • Interest is charged only when you are into your line of credit, so your costs will vary depending on usage
  • Total interest cost is charged on the last day of the month
  • Pay it off by making a deposit to bring your account back above zero

Business Relationship Advisors

Specializing in personal lending, your advisor is just a call or email away to answer your questions or inquiries. Take the stress out of borrowing and contact us today.


Serving Nipawin & area



Serving Prince Albert & area


Business Relationship Advisors

Offering Consumer, Commercial and Ag Lending service, our Advisors are here to provide you with the right guidance and advice to ensure success for your family, farm or small business needs.



Carrot River, 

Arborfield & area



Serving Nipawin & area



Serving Nipawin & area



Serving Debden,
Big River & area



Carrot River, 

Arborfield & area


Benefit from great credit card rewards

Whether you’re a student, a travel enthusiast or a fan of no fees, we have a credit card with the rewards and benefits to match your lifestyle.

Take the stress out of student finances

Being a student can be stressful enough without worrying about money. Our student loan helps that stress melt away.
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