Dealer Finance

We are a proud participant in the CU Dealer Finance program

Some conveniences and benefits of this program include:

  • No running back and forth between us and the dealership.
  • Have all your information collected and paperwork done at the dealership while you are negotiating your purchase.
  • You get your loan at the same terms you are quoted at the dealership but the loan is held with us.
  • You have easy access to your loan in order to monitor the balance, apply extra payments, and easily make changes to your payment schedule if needed.
  • Approvals are sent directly to us electronically by the dealership so there is no appointment necessary.
  • Sign everything at the dealership and drive away in your new vehicle.
  • Within a few business days you will see your new loan details in your list of accounts when you login to your mobile banking.

When looking for your next vehicle, camper, ATV, snowmobile, or boat to purchase, be sure to ask your dealer if they offer CU Dealer Finance!

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