Registered Education Savings Plans

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a special savings account for parents who want to save for their child's post-secondary education

There are some great benefits to contributing to a RESP.

Tax free growth

Earnings within a RESP are not taxed. When the funds are taken out for education, withdrawals are taxed based on the student's income, often resulting in little or no tax.


Program grants

Grow your savings faster with other government incentives like the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) and the Canada Learning Bond (CLB).


Flexible options

If your child doesn’t pursue post-secondary education right away you have up to 35 years to use the funds for education, or you may be able to choose a new beneficiary.

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Invest your RESP into mutual funds

The younger your child, the more growth-oriented your RESP portfolio can be. The money won’t be withdrawn for several years, so your portfolio has time to recover from any market downturns.


Save without even thinking about it

With a regular, pre-authorized contribution plan. You choose the amount and the frequency. Set it and forget it!

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