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New Digital Banking Experience Launching
February 8, 2022!

Pre-Launch Actions

To ensure a smooth transition to our new digital banking platform, please follow these steps:
You will be using your email address or cell phone number that is on file with us to onboard to the new digital banking platform.

If your information does not match what we have on file, you may have trouble accessing your digital banking.

To verify the information you have on file with us, please contact us in one of the following methods:

If it has been a while since you have signed in to your online banking, we suggest you try it out!
If there are any issues with your sign-in, it is best to get it all sorted before we transition to the new platform.
For the best experience in the transition, we recommend you take the following steps to tidy up your e-Transfers:
  • Accept any incoming transfers and send outgoing e-transfers needed prior to February 7th
  • Delete any recipients that you no longer need in your list of payees
  • Screenshot or print out a list of your e-Transfer payees, just in case it does not carry over to your new digital banking profile
  • Print your Interac e-Transfer payment history, this information will not carry over to the new platform. If you require this please be sure to print it prior to February 7th
Your CRA payment history will not transfer over to the new platform.
We highly recommend that you download and/or print your payment history if this is relevant to you.

Please also note that any scheduled CRA payments that are effective after February 7th also will not transfer over to the new platform and recurring payments will have to be set up again after the new digital banking launch.

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